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Data export

You can export project data and share the data with everyone

Data sharing is an integral part of everyday work with modern technologies nowadays. Furtniture Studio has a lot of functions for data export.

“I easily export data from my project in many formats.”


Manufacturing documentation, orders, forms for cutting centres, also cutting plans can be quickly and easily export to different formats.

You easily create a chart for MS Excel, PDF document, Internet HTML page or universal XML and send it by email.

“I communicate with my business partners only electronically.

You can convert every print sheet in the Furniture Studio programme to an electronical form. You just need to choose the file format and then send it to a required recepient. You send the e-mail directly from Furniture Studio programme.

Thanks to electronical communication you save not just your money, but also the Nature.

Furniture Studio is well prepared for your electronical correspondence needs. It has a contact database, in which you can record contacts of your customers, suppliers or material manufacturers and elements.


The project is possible to export to standard XML format, which is used for data exchange between various aplications. This format can use your supplier of IT system or CNC machine manufacturer for import data.

“Furniture Studio is a modern software for everyday work.

Everything is simple, quick and follows your work use.:

  • Export of orders, manufacturing documentation or cutting plans
  • Export to PDF – Adobe Acrobat
  • Export to MS Excel
  • Export to HTML5 for email or web
  • Export to XML – universal format for data exchange

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