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Furniture Studio

Familiarize yourself with our solution for every joiner

Furniture Studio is a 3D design programme for custom furniture manufacture. It is designed for all joiners – entrepreneurs, small and medium joinery firms.

“Furniture Studio is primarily a productivity tool.”


It is designed as a structural software for custom furniture design. It focuses on the needs of joiners, so that it facilitates the work in the design of customer project in the final consequence it saves production costs and time.

“I can present a project to my customer before I start to produce thanks to the 3D visualization.”

Project kitchen, living room wall, built-in wardrobe or children´s room by using ready-made templates simply in 3D and real graphic textures of selected material, because there is a catalogue of major material producers for furniture manufacture available for your use. You present the project visualization to your customer directly from your PC. You can change material decors with your customer during your presentation, or try different combinations, modify the dimensions and shapes of products according to his requirements. You easily gain your customer trust and he gets the real idea about his potencial order.

It will significantly shorten the time from discussing the project form to its final realization.


3 steps to a successful realization of joiner contract

  • 1

    Quick design

  • 2

    Precision production

  • 3

    Easy montage

You design custom furniture in Furniture Studio in 3D designer and ready-made templates.

You easily create production documentation, cutting plans and material order from designed project.

Thanks to the 3D visualization you easily build custom furniture at the customer. Everything fits and you do not have to modify anything on the spot.

“Furniture Studio became my partner in a short time.
It is a hard worker. It does not speak much and it is not difficult.”

Everything is simple, fast and subordinated purely to workload:

  • Fast creation and project modification
  • Well-arranged production documentation
  • Material order creating and its records
  • Automatic form filing of cutting centres
  • Optimization of cutting plans

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