Creative software for furniture production

With what the Furniture Studio programme can help me in my joinery manufacture?

Programme Furniture Studio was created for easier custom-furniture design and production. It contains these main modules:

3D project designer, which is used to graphic compilation of your contract for joinery manufacture.

Production documentation creates required documentation for custom furniture manufacture, calculation of material consumption, creating and reporting orders of material and services (edge formatting and edging in cutting centres).

Cutting plans are used to create cutting plans optimization of board material for furniture desks cutting and formatting during the custom furniture manufacture.

To whom is the Furniture Studio programme designed?

From the beginning of the programme development its functions were especially subordinated to the needs of joiners – entrepreneurs, small and medium joinery firms. Our goal was to a create complete software without unnecessary and complicated modules, which covers the requirements for custom furniture design and manufacture.

What is the Furniture Studio programme development?

Furniture Studio development is constantly in progress and we are improving the programme features to follow the new trends in a machine operator and also in a joinery manufacture.

We react to requirements of joiners (our customers), as they are the users of the Furniture Studio programme, and we implement their requirements to the new programme versions. We welcome every idea and innovation, which you come up with, and we consider the implementation to our programme.

How often do you issue the programme new version?

The programme development is continually in progress and we are trying to issue the new programme version about once every 6 months. In exceptional cases we issue the new programme version immediately, for example in case of error.

What are the minimum requirements to run the Furniture Studio programme?

Furniture Studio programme requires for its operation at least Windows version 7 or newer (Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10) in 32 bit version or 64 bit version.

.Net Framework 4.7.2 or newer.

Operation memory considering the requirements of operating system, recommended is 8 GB RAM.

Processor Intel Core i3 or higher. Recommended processor Intel Core i5.

Graphic card supporting standard DirectX 9 or newer.

Free disk space at least 250 MB.

For how long can I use the demo version of Furniture Studio programme?

Demo version is possible to use for a limited time period of 30 days.

After this limited time period it will not be possible to run the programme and you will have to buy the regular programme license.

What are the limitations of Furniture Studio demo version?

Demo version offers the full functionality of Furniture Studio programme, there are no limitations.

Can I use my created projects in Furniture Studio demo version also in the full version?

Yes, your created projects are compatible with the full version of Furniture Studio programme and you can still use your projects without any limitations.

What is included in the purchased license of Furniture Studio programme?

If you buy the regular full license of Furniture Studio programme, you will get the right to use the programme for commercial and non-commercial use, the right to use all data (templates, material textures and more) for project creation in Furniture Studio programme. Part of the license is 1 year product support. During this period of time you will be able to install new versions of Furniture Studio programme, data content (templates, material catalogue, etc.).

License rights and obligations details you will find here.

What will happen after 1 year support of my Furniture Studio programme license?

After 1 year support of your programme license, you will still be able to fully use the programme and its content without any funcional limits. You will still own the programme license, but there will not be possible to install new versions of the programme and its content (templates, materiál catalogue, etc.).

If you would like to use new programme functions and its new content, you can make a special deal and buy Upgrade, thereby you get access to new features of programme and its content for another 1 year.


You can buy a programme upgrade anytime. Continuity of the extended programme support by a form of upgrades is not the condition for the upgrade discount.

What is the history of your company?

Nikodem software company was established in 1996, since then we focused on software developing and software solutions. In 2012 we decided to develop Furniture Studio software and since then it is our main activity. Furniture Studio has become our main product.

You can find more information about our company here.

Is Nikodem software a VAT payer?

Currently we are not VAT payers and prices of our products and services in our Price List are final and it does not apply to the charging of VAT.