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Nikodem software is a small family company, which was established in 1996 for the purpose of software development. Since we started our business we have developing software solutions for manufacturing machines and technologies. Our software solutions become an inseparable part of hundreds machines all around the world in different industrial fields in the U.S.A., Europe and Japan.

You can find our software in the machines for automotive industry, packaging machines for food industry, CNC drilling machines, and also in the woodworking machines. We decided to exploit all our longtime experience and create a brand new 3D design software for joiners. We believe that beautiful and quality furniture can create every joiner. He needs just a quality material, good tools, handiness and our software.

We started developing our new creative software for custom-built furniture manufacturing in 2012. Furniture Studio has become our main product and we are dedicated to this product with all our interest. We believe that our new software solution Furniture Studio will transform the wishes of your customer into reality and it also helps you to save your costs and time.

Jindřich Nikodem, CEO

Our team

Meet our team members

Jindřich Nikodem
Development manager and CEO

The main developer and developing team leader

He manages the whole developing progamme and creates the main parts of the sorce code. He is responsible for the technical design and implementation of the functional attributes of the Furniture Studio programme.

Michaela Stolařová
Customer service, CMO

Communication with our partners and customers

She is responsible for the company publicity and also the publicity of our software products. She creates our company identity, grafhics of our web and also our marketing materials for Furniture Studio software.

Felix Hoblík
Product manager

Product manager and web master

He tests functionality of the programme and prepares the web content. He also creates the documentation and participate in the web content and templates for Furniture Studio software.


“Furniture Studio will become the favourite tool of your wood work manufacturing.”