Creative software for furniture production

Design and project creation

Create your project easily in 3D

Project creating in Furniture Studio programme is easy. Programme contains of set of prepared cabinet templates, which you choose from the thematic divided libraries and insert them into the 3D scene just by 1 click.

“Individual cabinet from the library is possible to insert into the project by drag and drop.”


You can find set of prepared cabinets (products) in toolbox, that you easily insert into the project by 1 click. Every individual cabinet has its own small preview, which is enlarged by mouse hover and there is also basic description displayed with it. After inserting into the project it needs just to provide basic parameters such as width, height, depth. Some parameters (depth or height) are linked with project parameter and it is automatically adapted after inserting into the project.

“Templates have their own intelligent anchor function, their placement in the area is easy and intuitive.”

Build the project in 3D Studio Furniture designer is very easy and fast through parametric templates.



Templates have an automatic anchor function, which simplifies placing cabinets in the area. Just choose one of the cabinets in templates library and then place your PC mouse to some of the inserted cabinets in the project. If you place PC mouse on the side of the cabinet, the programme offers placing of a new cabinet next to the actual chosen cabinet itself. It is very easy to set cabinets simply next to each other, above etc.

“Everything is easily linked by parameters and you create completely dynamic project.”


There is possible to assign user parameter to cabinet diameters and position, or material, by changing the parameter you can easily configure a final product. Individual cabinet is possible to link with attributes such as dimension, position, or simple mathematic formula and create completely dynamic project, which is easily adapted for customer´s requirements.

Easily you define parameter of working desk height in the project and then this parameter is automatically add to every lower cabinets of the kitchen link. Just by changing parameter you adapt the height of the lower cabinets for requested height of the customer´s working desk.

“You easily change material of the cabinet´s corpus in the whole kitchen.”


From the catalog simply choose decor of material and “pour a bucket of it” in the cabinet in the same way to replace the shape and decoration of the door.

Also changing cabinet´s material is very easy. You just choose material from catalogue and by 1 click you transfer it to a selected cabinet. If there is an extra material attribute linked with project parameter, the change will influence every element and cabinet with the parameter.

“Create atypical element for the bevelled cabinet in a moment.


Furniture Studio has its own graphic designer of atypical elements, that enables to design cabinets with bevelled cutting elements. This atypical element configuration is easy to transfer to other elements by a copy function.

The project designer functionality is very extensive.

“I learned how to create a project in Furniture Studio programme in a few minutes.
It is easy and practical.”

Furniture Studio has lots of great tools.:

  • Prepared templates
  • Templates have clever anchor function
  • Simple configuration and parameterization of templates
  • A quick decor change by selecting from board material catalogue
  • Real texture of board material from leading manufacturers.

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